DuMdUm Zine & Press 2017
Featured 3rd from the top on the DumDumZine Festival Recap of the 6th Annual Los Angeles Zine Fest!


Vendor at Los Angeles Zinefest showcasing the VTZ: a self-published, creative-anthology fanzine.

Los Angeles Nerd Nite 2015 January 13, 2015 PRESENTATION #2: Forced Entry: Busting Into a Story’s World Within the First Paragraph By Shawnna Woolridge

This conference presentation explored the deconstruction of the opening sentences of my favorite novels in order to understand the compelling attributes of style and world building information conveyed from my favorite authors. Using the patterns found, I constructed a method and definition to comprehend and re-create the success of captivating an audience from the first sentence of the text. The goal of the presentation was to share my research and methodology with the audience so that they, too, could identify the patterns of world-building techniques from their favorite authors and apply this technique to strengthen their personal work.














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2008 "I Made it With My Brain" 
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