The VTZ (Volunteer Theme Zine)
is Absurdist Micro-collective storytelling focused on a singular, but reoccurring concrete or abstract theme.



Each issue culminates with an interview of an influential artist impacting a social passion at variance with larger pop and mainstream culture.

The VTZ is a self-published, creative-anthology fanzine.

Please send your messages of interest to,
S.C. Woolridge at:  vtzfanzine@gmail.com

Cover Art by S.C. Woolridge
Interview by S.C. Woolridge 




Michael Stock
Part Time Punks



S.C. Woolridge – FCBK; Patrick Allocca -Seashell Eyes; Bree Chapin – River to River; Olchar E. Lindsann – Urbane Re,nouveau; Timothy Jordan – Smash



Mukta Mohan
Playlist As Exhibition




S.C. Woolridge – Keepers; Sevorg Assilem – FYIAA;
Z.Gosck – Space Texas; Dennis McGrogan – Space Cadet